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Vote for the Sexiest Werewolf!

Here’s a list of the hottest werewolves we’ve seen in a while; which one is the HOTTEST shapeshifter? You decide! Alcide Herveaux – As portrayed by the sexy, although not single, Joe Mangianello. Alcide has serious girlfriend issues; Debbie Pelt is a homicidal maniac, and not to mention, a V-junkie. So while she’s single, now…

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Five Sexy She-Wolves

Every so often I see or hear complaints that there aren’t enough she-wolves out there in werewolf land so today I am bringing you, dear reader, a list of 5 sexy she-wolves. Ginger Fitzgerald from Ginger Snaps. Ginger is a death obsessed teen who is bitten by a werewolf while dog-napping a classmates dog in…

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Werewolf Movies: Presto Chango! You’re a Werewolf!

When selecting the best transformation scenes in werewolf movies, one has to keep in mind, –what’s considered the ‘best werewolf transformation scene’ is relative to the viewer. Nonetheless, io9 put together a pretty sweet video of all the best werewolf transformation scenes in cinema. The idea is to guess all the movies from the video,…

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