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Taylor Kinney vs. Taylor Lautner

Countless celebrity websites are asking their readers who they would choose – Taylor Kinney or Taylor Lautner – because “OMG!1!1 they are both named Taylor and they both play popular werewolves.” I decided to join in on the battle between the famous werewolves just for the hell of it. So dear readers, who would you…

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Who is Mason Lockwood?

The Vampire Diaries’ second season premiered this past week and it got a lot of fans asking about the mysterious uncle Mason. Well you guys are in luck! Taylor Kinney revealed all sorts of goodies in a recent interview about his character, Mason Lockwood. Check it out: Spoilers ahead! Uncle Mason seems to be pretty…

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The Werewolf Diaries

…is what they should rename The Vampire Diaries, because the werewolves will be taking over in season two (which starts September 9). Here’s the dish on the werewolf-y newcomers to the show. In season two, Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) is shocked to see his uncle Mason (Taylor Kinney) in town. Mason turns up for the…

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