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Supernatural: The Anime Series

That’s right my wonderful werewolf fans, the widely popular live-action TV show Supernatural was made into an anime series! I only recently discovered the anime myself and after checking out the first episode I have to admit I’m pretty geeked about the whole thing. Supernatural: The Anime Series was released this past July by Madhouse…

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Hitler’s Werwolves

The “Werwolf” branch of Hitler’s forces were particularly frightening for a variety of reasons; even today they have an almost mythological fascination. Though Hitler refused to label them as a contingency force of guerrilla soldiers, most experts agree that ‘der Werwolf’ was an elite squad trained for the most covert military tactics. The soldiers in…

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The Ferocious Windigo

Native Americans have a handful of stories about those with the ability to shapeshift. Usually this talent of transformation is used as a form of spiritual enlightenment, healing, personal awareness, and insight into tribal issues. With all of that considered, you can see why there are very few stories of Native American shapeshifters attacking and…

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List of Wilf (Werewolves I’d Like to F**k)

After doing a post similar to this here, I thought, why not do one for werewolves. I mean, werewolf men are powerful, deliciously wild and damned sexy. So here’s my personal list of werewolves I’d love to spend a few nights with. Leave a comment and let us know who would make your list. (In…

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