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What Do You Think of True Blood?

Given the recent discussions here on Werewolves.com and the fact that True Blood is returning tonight (June 10), I thought we’d have a real chat about HBO’s hit show. There are a whole lot of opinions out there on True Blood and they range from “YAY SEX! SEX SEX SEX BOOBS SEX WOOOO!” to “Bleh!…

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True Blood Werewolf Update!

True Blood is coming back for its third season June 13, and this time around there’s a whole lot of werewolf action.  To get you furry fans pumped up for the upcoming season I bring you all sorts of werewolf-filled True Blood news! The New Werewolf Cast Joe Manganiello: Joe has landed the big role…

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Real-Life Wolves Used in ‘True Blood’ Season 3

The creator and producer of ‘True Blood,’ Alan Ball, plans on making the upcoming third season the best season yet and one way he’s doing this is by bringing in real-life wolves to the set so that the animal transformations on the show will be as real as possible. While past seasons were focused mostly…

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True Blood’s New Werewolves

What the hell are we doing talking about True Blood, a vampire show, here on this werewolf site?! Well, good news werewolf fans, the third and upcoming season of True Blood is going to be more about the wolves and less about the vamps. So far they have two new were-cast members, the young Marshal…

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