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Werewolf Book Watch: New Releases This Month

Are all the werewolf books on your shelf tattered and torn from being read so many times? Do you want to add to your collection, or just try something completely new? If so, this is a great month to do it! Here are just a few of the awesome werewolf books that are coming out…

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How to Handle the Full Moon with Dignity

1. Always Have an Almanac – You’ll always need to know exactly which day the full moon falls on, so be sure to get a good calendar or almanac, and hang it from the wall, or keep it in your pocket. If you’re thinking why you’ll need it always, if it’s only one day a…

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A Look Into Transformation

Transform, sequence, phase, metamorphosize, morph, shift, change, transition… on and on, call it whatever you like it all comes down to one thing – man turning into beast. Today we’ll discuss the actual physical change. Authors, TV shows, movies, they all have their own image of the change from human to wolf. In movies like…

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