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“SheWolf” by J.D. Simpson Flips the Werewolf Romance Genre on Its Ass!

There haven’t been enough good romance novels that feature a female werewolf protagonist, –the only one that currently comes to mind is Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause, which, despite its greatness and film potential, was turned into one of the worst werewolf movies I ever seen in my life. Thank god they haven’t…

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Tyler Lockwood Leaves Mystic Falls; Werewolves Gone for Good?

Somehow I doubt the werewolf action in Mystic Falls has come to a complete stop, but I do think that for now, there’ll be a lot less werewolf business going on. If you don’t keep up with the Vampire Diaries, then here’s the skinny: everyone, vampires, witches, werewolves, –is after Elena. Some vampires want to…

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Shakira’s She-Wolf Covered by a uh… Boy Band?

Shakira’s song about a man-eating werewolf babe is cute, and the video is sexy. A hot blonde wriggling around in a skin tight, flech colored …thing, inside a cage? And a black leotard with missing bits? The video is really sexy, especially the panting, –well, the part where she’s doing that weird, joint popping thing…

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Do Werewolves Need a Little More Girl Power?

When talking about werewolves, we usually have the tendency to refer to them in the masculine sense. “He changed” or “the werewolf licked his wounds” are common phrases found in werewolf history. But what about all the women? Very little is said about female werewolves, especially in a historical sense, and even when they are…

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