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Lost Girl Will be Back for a Third Season

Excellent news for the Fae fans – Lost Girl will return for a third season! The awesome Canadian show was renewed up north a few months back and then recently SyFy renewed it for US viewers. We will all get to watch Season 3! Lost Girl follows supernatural seductress Bo, a Succubus who feeds on…

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Exclusive Interview with Lisa Hendrix

Thanks to the awesomeness that is Twitter, I was lucky enough to land an interview with author Lisa Hendrix. Yay! Read on and learn about her Immortal Brotherhood series, her werewolf loves and more. Can you tell us a little about yourself? This is always the hardest question! I fell in love with romance years…

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Cross: The Movie 2010 (and the Comic Book!)

I have to bypass all this movie’s details, and first say, –that Jake Busey is in this. Squeal! I love Jake Busey; he’s so wonky looking, and cute. Big Jake Busey fan; from The Frighteners, to Home Fries, to Starship Troopers, I loooove Jake Busey. Anyway! I’m not sure how much of a role they’re…

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More Werewolves for True Blood Cast!

More good news for the werewolf hungry Truebies! Vincent Ward and Don Swayze are joining the growing cast of HBO’s hit paranormal series “True Blood” for the upcoming third season. Vincent Ward (“The Starter Wife,” “Everybody Hates Chris”) will play a werewolf named Hollis who owns a bar where lycanthropes hang out. This new werewolf…

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Werecats: The Lions of Tsavo

Canine transformation is at the forefront of shapeshifting folklore; it seems that there are werewolf legends in almost every country and culture, but for some reason, canine transformation is much more popular than its sister in folklore; feline transformation. For thousands of years, people have believed in the ‘werecat’, i.e., the ability of some sorcerers,…

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The Big Werewolf War in Eclipse: Sneak Peek!

Yeah yeah, I know werewolf fans everywhere are usually aghast at the idea of werewolves in the Twilight Saga, but hey, –I’ve seen it, and I’m impressed, personally. Though, they aren’t really werewolves as we traditionally see them; they’re sort of shapeshifters. The werewolves in Twilight are a little similar to the whole shapeshifter culture…

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Health Concerns for Werewolves

Werewolves don’t have as many weaknesses as humans or vampires, but they do have weaknesses all the same, and while some of these are easily recalled to the mind, no one thinks of the most important health concerns for werewolves. It’s time to start applying a bit more logic to the werewolf scene, so that…

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Native American Werewolves

Native Americans have incredibly profound and fascinating beliefs, many of them involving wolves. To several tribes (past and present), the wolf itself is known as a protective spirit or totem. They view the wolf as a wise fellow hunter to be respected and admired. In spite of what some Twilight fans think, Stephenie Meyer wasn’t…

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