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Happy B-Day to Seth Green! Give the Gift of Favorite Oz Moments!

Ah, Seth Green, the man who re-introduced the werewolf to popular culture, instead of letting the big bad beasty stay locked up and back in the days of …ugh, celluloid. Black and white werewolves have their charm, don’t get me wrong, they even have a certain class and elegance. Wolfman is always going to be,…

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Jacob Black’s Competition for Coolest Werewolf

Jacob Black is the hottest werewolf according to almost every American  female between the ages of 10 and 16, so, we were SO surprised when we stumbled across this article, in the San Francisco Chronicle, claiming there were werewolves cooler than Jacob Black! What is this madness!? And one of them is -barely contained snicker…

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Five Hunky He-Wolves

In a previous post I introduced to you, dear readers, 5 sexy she-wolves. Well, all is fair in love and werewolves so I thought this time I would bring you 5 hunky he-wolves to enjoy. Daniel “Oz” Osbourne from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oz first joined the cast of Buffy during season 2 when he…

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