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Trailer For ‘WER’

“The first trailer has premiered for Incentive Filmed Entertainment and Sierra/Affinity’s WER, a new found-footage pic that takes place in police station with the suspect turning into a werewolf.” the night desk’s insight:’WER’, a new w…

‘The Howling’ Creator Gary Brandner dies at 83

“The Howling” gave werewolf enthusiasts much to salivate over and inspired a popular fright film series.the night desk’s insight:One of the best werewolf series of all times called ‘The Howling’ was written by a man named Gary Brandner. He…


Sign Up For a Chance To Die On An Episode Of ‘Teen Wolf’!

Learn how you can enter this season’s Teen Wolf walk-on role contest, which ends in DEATH. (Speaking of #TeenWolf, is it your dream to be killed on the show? Of course it is!the night desk’s insight:Ok, this is just awesome! Everyone should sign up. M…


Single, Pregnant Werewolf Looking For a Date…

MyrtleBeachOnline.com The Originals Preview: Phoebe Tonkin On Playing A Pregnant Werewolf & If … Access Hollywood LOS ANGELES, Calif.the night desk’s insight:Haley is pregnant with Klaus’ half wolf half vampire child. What could possibly happen …

Matt Bomer is Anne Rices Inspiration

 Writer Anne Rice says she had actor Matt Bomer in mind while working on her latest novel, The Wolf Gift, and would like him to play the lead if a film version is made, in an interview with Good Morni (@Bestofjoyc7 No mi niña, solo anoche …

‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer in Forks for this weekend’s festival

BREAKING: ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer in Forks
Peninsula Daily
FORKS — The Peninsula Daily News has just confirmed that “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer is in Forks for at least part of a weekend celebration that bears her name.

the night desk’s insight:
Looks like the author of the Twilight series has joined in the annual festivities in Forks, Washington this weekend. The town has an annual weekend event held around Bella’s birthday with “hunts” and other theme related activities along with some charitable events. Ms. Meyer has been spotted in town for the festival, sources have reported. If anyone gets to go, please let us know how it is up in Forks.


The Werewolves of Ossory

An Irish priest discovers a couple of werewolves looking for absolution in this ancient tale recounted by ANN O’REGAN (RT @HouseofHammer: The Werewolves of Ossory #spooky – http://t.co/iUTIIlYv9o)…the night desk’s insight:An interesting bit of folkl…

Dylan O’Brien And Tyler Posey Hug Puppies On The ‘Teen Wolf’ Set. That Is All. [Photos]

Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey melt our hearts by cuddling up with two adorable pups on the Teen Wolf set. (RT @TPoseyOnline: Dylan O’Brien And Tyler Posey Hug Puppies On The ‘Teen Wolf’ Set. That Is All.the night desk’s insight:This was just cute, so …


A happy belated birthday to Tyler!!

A amazing actor, & the only man suited to play a badass werewolf without happiness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @TylerL_Hoechlin! http://t.co/zuEmJkXvyYthe night desk’s insight:Happy Birthday to you, you gorgeous wolf you!! Sorry we’re a day later with the bir…

Teen Wolf – DVD Plans are Starting to Shape Up for ‘Season 3, Part 1’

TVShowsOnDVD.com Teen Wolf – DVD Plans are Starting to Shape Up for ‘Season 3, Part 1’ TVShowsOnDVD.com A few weeks ago MTV aired the summer finale of the show’s current season, and now Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for a release of Teen Wolf…t…

the vampire diaries feat. stiles stilinski (humour) PART 1

hope, you’ll like, actually, hope, it’s funny) if you want ‘to be continued’, I’ll think about part 2, just ask)) please, sweeties, sub my back-up) I don’t w…the night desk’s insight:This video is hysterical. A perfect he said/ she said and Stiles a…


A pledge to Sign and Share this petition to rescue the wild wolves of Montana

This lesser sub-man takes time to pose for his (Sign Crucial Petition for Montana’s Wolves http://t.co/BPou1p2MbJ via @causes)

the night desk’s insight:
Normally we don’t do this… but seeing these wolves are our “brothers and sisters” maybe we can save some from the terrible things happening to them. Please take a moment to sign the petition if you are a U.S. resident and if not, maybe pass it on to someone who is that can sign the petition to save these animals.

Spoiler Alert: Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden Teases New Love Triangle and Banshee Backstory in Season 3B

 There is more of a love triangle with Lydia. Teen Wolf’s got 99 problems and a lack of teen lo… (#EXCLUSIVE: @HollandRoden teases another #TeenWolf love triangle–and her Banshee backstory!the night desk’s insight:Gorgeous Lydia will find the …


David Hayter and Jason Momoa Take Werewolves Into …

David Hayter, Jason Momoa and Merritt Patterson at the Wolves panel during Comic-Con International. David Hayter has had success as both a Hollywood screenwriter (X-Men, X2, Watchmen), and as a voice actor (Solid …the night desk’s insight:A lit…


Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets Ready For Production

Update: Hemlock Grove production designer Drew Boughton tells WebPronews, (Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets Ready For Production via @webpronews #WPN http://t.co/GVcqyodrld)…the night desk’s insight:By episode three of season one, I was anxious for seaso…

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3: Is Jennifer Blake really dead?

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3: Is Jennifer Blake really dead?
It’s more than possible, as Teen Wolf has brought villains back from the dead in past seasons.

the night desk’s insight:
Nope, we don’t think so. We saw how messed up she was last time when her dear friend “killed” her, this time, maybe she’ll get a small scar… ok maybe three or four scars, but killed no way. Let’s face it, nothing good ol’ Uncle Peter does ever really turns out the way he wants, now does it? I bet you can’t list three things.

Netflix Posts New ‘Hemlock Grove’ Q&A Video

Breathecast Netflix Posts New ‘Hemlock Grove’ Q&A Video WebProNews Netflix announced that it had renewed Hemlock Grove for a second season back in June.the night desk’s insight:An interesting background look at the show from some of its main chara…

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Behind-The-Scenes Bloopers (VIDEO)

E! Online ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Behind-The-Scenes Bloopers (VIDEO) Huffington Post Even though the mid-season finale just wrapped, the good news is that “Teen Wolf” fans have been gifted with adorable cast interviews from season 3 to hold them over…t…

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