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‘Red: Werewolf Hunter’ Coming Soon to DVD

Red: Werewolf Hunter is a SyFy original movie that aired a long while back and is just now making its way to DVD (finally). Come January 3, 2012, we’ll be able to buy the DVD and watch Felicia Day, the Geek Goddess, kick werewolf ass again and again. In Red: Werewolf Hunter, the modern-day descendant…

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Felicia Day Talks About ‘Red: Werewolf Hunter’

Werewolf fans have been waiting ages for more info on SyFy’s new original movie Red: Werewolf Hunter and thanks to actress Felicia Day, we finally have it. Day spoke on her first leading role as Red, a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood and part of a family of werewolf hunters. In a recent interview,…

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