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Is It Scientifically Possible to Turn Into a Werewolf?

Practical effects vs CGI has us wondering what a real-life werewolf transformation would look like. Let’s do the science. I actually read this; the process of turning into a werewolf laid out here for all is pretty interesting. How would it actually look… or work, for us –regular people, to turn into werewolves? Is it…

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Emily Isabella Burt: Real Werewolf?

Tucked away in Talbott County, Georgia is the grave of Emily Isabella Burt, a woman widely believed to have been a werewolf. Like all good stories, this one has gone on to be legend, though one that is all but forgotten these days. While I am usually pretty skeptical about this kind of thing, I…

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Werewolf Skull Found Sealed in Box

A Bulgarian born farmer claims to have found a box, chained shut, containing a werewolf-like skull while ploughing a new section of field. Is this proof of the existence of werewolves… or is it proof that some weirdo decapitated a baboon at some point, and kept his head buried in a box?  There is no…

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Is the Government Keeping Werewolves a Secret?

The clinically cleaned floors are surrounded by stark white walls. There are no windows to be found, just artificial light shining down on a cold metal slab. Walking in you see menacing medical instruments, each telling its own tale. Underneath the nauseating and overpowering reek of industrial cleaner is the smell of old blood. That…

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The Werewolf of Allariz

Manuel Blanco Romasanta was Spain’s first documented criminal psychopath and serial killer – he was also believed to be a werewolf. Romasanta confessed to thirteen murders in the mid-nineteenth century and he told the court which tried him that he was afflicted with a terrible curse that turned him into a ravenous wolf. But was…

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Are You a Werewolf? Do You want $5,000?

Here at Werewolves.com we receive all sorts of messages from all sorts of people, but the e-mail we got from a group on deviantART was a first – they’re offering $5,000 to a real werewolf. Now all of you claiming to be a werewolf can prove it, and earn some cash in the process. Here…

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An American Werewolf Tale

Some of you have wondered why out of all the reported werewolf cases posted here, few of them are American. Well good news, today’s post is on a story that comes straight from the US of A. This story was reported to have happened in 1899 in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Many of the folks living there…

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Dr. Stephen Kaplan’s Quest For Real Werewolves

It’s not odd for us to wonder if werewolves are real or not, it’s crossed the mind of many. But Dr. Stephen Kaplan took it way beyond simple thought, he conducted worldwide research in attempt to discover real werewolves (and vampires). The late Dr. Kaplan (d. 1995) and his wife spent years trying to discover…

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