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Review of Dark Horse Comics’ ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Oz’

Fun fact about me: I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fangirl. I love Buffy! On that note… While scanning the magical interwebs I discovered a Buffy comic I never knew existed, a 3-issue miniseries about Oz! Yay! Released in 2001, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Oz takes place after the Season 4 episode “Wild…

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Why Are Werewolves So Angry?

That has been a question on my mind for quite some time now – why are werewolves so angry? Most werewolves in movies, books and TV shows have a ridiculously short fuse and go from sweet and nice to pissed and growling in two seconds. And not only are they angry all the time, but…

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Happy B-Day to Seth Green! Give the Gift of Favorite Oz Moments!

Ah, Seth Green, the man who re-introduced the werewolf to popular culture, instead of letting the big bad beasty stay locked up and back in the days of …ugh, celluloid. Black and white werewolves have their charm, don’t get me wrong, they even have a certain class and elegance. Wolfman is always going to be,…

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Five Hunky He-Wolves

In a previous post I introduced to you, dear readers, 5 sexy she-wolves. Well, all is fair in love and werewolves so I thought this time I would bring you 5 hunky he-wolves to enjoy. Daniel “Oz” Osbourne from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oz first joined the cast of Buffy during season 2 when he…

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List of Wilf (Werewolves I’d Like to F**k)

After doing a post similar to this here, I thought, why not do one for werewolves. I mean, werewolf men are powerful, deliciously wild and damned sexy. So here’s my personal list of werewolves I’d love to spend a few nights with. Leave a comment and let us know who would make your list. (In…

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