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A Norwegian Werewolf Legend

In Norway it was once believed that certain people could assume the form of a wolf or a bear. But, the ability to transform was usually a curse put on them by the Trollmen, or that it was the trolls themselves that were the shapeshifters. Here’s an old legend about trolls, werewolves and a curse….

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Magical Transformation

Many countries and many cultures have their own werewolf or shapeshifter myths and folklore. There are countless ideas and theories all on this one topic (all of which are awesome). One ancient idea was that of donning animal skins in order to get that animal’s powers, as I mentioned in the Native American post.  But…

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Werewolves Around the World

Werewolves have been a part of the folklore of many different cultures since ancient times. Images of European werewolves in dark forests usually come to mind when the beasts are mentioned. However, stories of lycanthropes and shape changers have permeated the mythos of cultures as diverse and aged as Ancient Greece to Native American folklore….

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