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He may not be a werewolf, but no werewolf site can leave out the biggest and baddest of all wolves – Fenrir! One of the most famous of all the deities in Norse mythology is Fenrir (also known as Fenris), son of trickster god Loki and the giantess Angroboda. Fenris was an absolutely massive wolf;…

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Black Shuck

If you ever happen to find yourself alone traveling the English countryside be wary of any strange black dogs that might cross your path for such a creature might just be none other than the hell hound, Black Shuck. Said to be an enormous black dog, sometimes as big as a horse, Black Shuck is…

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Ancient Norse Werewolves

There is an ancient tale that tells of two Icelandic men, a tale that was told throughout the Middle Ages. This story of course involves some fearsome werewolves – because really, are there any stories better than those? This tale tells of two men, Sigmund and Sinfjotli. One day these two are wandering through a…

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