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SyFy Movie ‘Never Cry Werewolf’ with Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries

The first thing you think when you see ‘SyFy movie’ in any review title is, ‘Here we go, more crappy effects in a hastily thrown together creature feature.’ Well, what the hell is wrong with that? Especially when you throw in an actress like Nina Dobrev who plays Elena in The Vampire Diaries; the other…

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Werewolf Book Watch: New Releases This Month

Are all the werewolf books on your shelf tattered and torn from being read so many times? Do you want to add to your collection, or just try something completely new? If so, this is a great month to do it! Here are just a few of the awesome werewolf books that are coming out…

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Never Cry Werewolf

Hey there guys, I bet some of you teens are looking for a new book to curl up with and a new werewolf to fall in love with.  Well I recently heard of the book Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis and everyone that has spoken of it has nothing but good things to say…

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A Decade’s Worth of Werewolf Movies: 2000s

From year 2000 until now there have been a large handful of werewolf movies released. Most of us have only heard of movies like Underworld or Van Helsing but there are a significant number of lesser known films that deserve a mention and some werewolf fan lovin’… or mocking (gotta love campy flicks that amuse…

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