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The Top 20 Reasons to Watch Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove isn’t good by any means, but it is great (just not if you watch earnestly). The Netflix original series is unfocused, over-dramatic, convoluted and stagnant all at once — which is exactly why you need to watch.the night desk’s insi…

Retro-Review: Kolchak’s “Werewolf” on NetFlix

If you’re looking for old shows, for the sake of nostalgia, then you’ll love my latest treasure on NetFlix’s WatchInstantly tab. Seriously. Okay, maybe a lot of you would prefer to keep the 70s as a distant memory; bell-bottoms, unthinkable music gaining unprecedented popularity, and shameful hair styles. But! There was a lot of really…

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Werewolf Comedies to Add to Your Queue

Now, you might be thinking “what’s the deal with all the attention to NetFlix?” Well, usually, this is how it works: Moonlight writes the stuff that’s more philosophical and folklore oriented. I write the stuff that’s focused on werewolf news, and trends, and if there’s an overflow, she’ll pick up the stuff I missed. It’s…

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