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Werewolves Return to Mystic Falls… Are We Happy to See Them?

I love the werewolf mythos in the Vampire Diaries show, I love the actors who portray the werewolves, love the story surrounding them, their powers, abilities, –all that happy shit. What I do not like, is that for the billionth and half time, the show’s producers tried to effectively cut costs and funds, by using…

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Mini-Biography: Tyler Lockwood, Werewolf Candidate

Tyler Lockwood is as much a part of Mystic Falls as any other member of the ‘Founding Families’. The Founding Families are, well, exactly what they sound like; the ancestors responsible for founding Mystic Falls, as screwy and weird as the place is. The families who founded the town were steeped in secrecy, and at…

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Vampire Diaries: Is Tyler Lockwood a Werewolf?

Elena, unlike Sookie, is a little more intelligent, –and one of the first things that Elena realized when she first found out Stefan was a vampire, was that if vampires are real, then so are a lot of other things she never considered. Like witches; her friend Bonnie is proof! If you’re an avid Vampire…

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