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Teen Wolf Signed on for a Second Season!

MTV’s Teen Wolf has been such a HUGE hit that they have signed the show up for a second season! Woot! Another season packed full of werewolf-y goodness! “We’re incredibly proud of this show. Executive producer Jeff Davis has brought an exciting, cinematic story to life with a breakout young cast who our audience has…

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Check out Teen Wolf: The Comic Book

While checking out news on this year’s Comic-Con I discovered that the folks behind MTV’s Teen Wolf are returning again and this time they are showing off clips of future episodes and will also be doing a Q and A with the cast and crew. That’s rad and all, but then I learned that on…

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Aconit Napel Bleu Nordique

In the fourth episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, a new hunter in town puts werewolf Derek’s life in danger by shooting him with a unique bullet, forcing Scott and Stiles to help him survive. While having dinner with Allison and her father Scott meets Allison’s aunt, the very werewolf hunter that shot Derek. Scott does…

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Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed Chat About ‘Teen Wolf’

MTV’s new drama Teen Wolf is doing far better than anyone expected, according to the ratings it’s actually the number one show in its time slot. Yeah, it’s raking in millions of viewers each week, which is pretty impressive for a brand new show. So in honor of all the Teen Wolf love I bring…

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Surprise for Vampire Diaries Fans in Teen Wolf

Jeff Davis, the creator of MTV’s Teen Wolf, had revealed a short while back that there would be a little surprise for fans of The Vampire Diaries show on the second episode of the new series. However, the second episode just aired and no one has said anything about the hidden Easter egg. Hmmm… Apparently,…

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First Episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ Finally Airs

I just sat down and watched the very first episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, which premiered this past Sunday, and well, it wasn’t bad. Shocking I know! Considering that MTV is behind it I really expected the show to be absolutely terrible, but it wasn’t. Here’s a look at the synopsis for the first episode:…

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Critics Hate ‘Teen Wolf’ Preview, But What Do You Think?

In MTV’s newest series Teen Wolf (which has no ties to the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie) teenage Scott (Tyler Posey) is bitten by a wolf and what happens next is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, his new heightened hearing and eyesight kick ass, and his newfound agility transforms him…

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MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Trailer Leaked… and it’s lame

Just as the title says, MTV trailer for their Teen Wolf remake was recently leaked and well, it looks awful. I mean, seriously, what were they thinking? But I’ll let you folks decide: The trailer has me feeling confused – MTV’s Teen Wolf is supposed to be a remake of the classic 80s flick, yet…

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