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Will Teen Wolf Suck Horribly? Tyler Hoechlin Answers!

I love supernatural drama, and television has long been missing werewolves; not that True Blood, the Vampire Diaries, and even, for a short time The Gates, have not delivered. But those shows were primarily about vampires, and assorted other creatures; werewolves have periodic appearances, or at best, get the honor of being supporting characters. That’s…

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MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Trailer Leaked… and it’s lame

Just as the title says, MTV trailer for their Teen Wolf remake was recently leaked and well, it looks awful. I mean, seriously, what were they thinking? But I’ll let you folks decide: The trailer has me feeling confused – MTV’s Teen Wolf is supposed to be a remake of the classic 80s flick, yet…

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Jacob Black’s Competition for Coolest Werewolf

Jacob Black is the hottest werewolf according to almost every American  female between the ages of 10 and 16, so, we were SO surprised when we stumbled across this article, in the San Francisco Chronicle, claiming there were werewolves cooler than Jacob Black! What is this madness!? And one of them is -barely contained snicker…

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Teen Wolf and Beyond

Have you ever wondered what happened to that half human, half pup full of teen angst after Teen Wolf ended? That was a great movie and definitely fits into the category of 100% classic 1980’s cheese! Word on the street is that after filming, Mr. Wolf moved to Los Angeles to try his hand at…

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More Updates for the New MTV Series, Teen Wolf Remake

I think I only know one person who actually liked this show when it was still being aired, –and that’s saying a lot, because pretty much everyone I know loves werewolves, –and the majority of them like werewolves more than vampires. So when rumors of the remake show of Teen Wolf started circulating, I started…

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MTV Has Found Their ‘Teen Wolf’

A few months ago I wrote about MTV’s remake of the 80s classic flick, Teen Wolf. MTV is remaking the movie into a TV series and we finally have some more news on the new furry show. The big news is that they have cast the actor to play our werewolf, Tyler Posey. The MTV…

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Teen Wolf Remake

With the vampire fad hitting its peak werewolves are gaining and gaining in popularity every week. With the wolf-centric New Moon movie coming out soon (second in the Twilight Saga) and now MTV’s remake of the classic Teen Wolf, werewolves are finally getting their chance to shine. The original Teen Wolf hit theaters in 1985…

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