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Moon Myths: Part 2

More moon myths! You guys loved the first edition of Moon Myths, so I am giving you a second post to enjoy. Here are more of the old superstitions surrounding the moon. It was believed that a waning moon was bad luck and that it was a horrible time for births and weddings. It was…

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Moon Myths: Part 1

What is the best known myth about the full moon? That it triggers a werewolf’s transformation of course. But that’s not the only moon myth out there, back in day people believed all sorts of strange things about the moon. So today we’re going to take a little break from the werewolf lore and explore…

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Werewolf Spell

Through out time there has been an assortment of stories on how a person becomes a werewolf. Sometimes it’s a curse caused by a single bite, sometimes punishment brought on by a God’s wrath, or by what today’s post is about, a spell. So back in the day, like, way back during the Middle Ages…

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Where Do Werewolves Come From?

Where do werewolves come from? Werewolves are no doubt familiar to anyone who has read a good set of horror stories. These mythical creatures seem like normal humans – except in the case of a full moon. At that time they transform into a wolf, or a wolf and man hybrid creature. While the definition…

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