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The Tale of Deucalion

In Season 3 of MTV’s Teen Wolf there is a character named Deucalion, a blind and cryptic alpha wolf with a very twisted past. Seeing this character’s name – Deucalion – got me thinking. Why did the show choose this name for the character, the self-proclaimed “Alpha of alphas?” The myth of Deucalion doesn’t seem…

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Mount Lykaion’s Curse

Hey guys, it’s time again for another ancient werewolf tale. This time we are going way back to ancient Greece. The time of vengeful and fearful gods and goddesses, a time of ghastly curses and harsh revenge. Our tale today takes us to the mysterious top of Mount Lykaion, a remote spot in Arcadia in…

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Clinical Lycanthropy

Clinical Lycanthropy is a mental illness (specifically, a psychiatric syndrome) that involves a strong delusional belief in the afflicted person that they have transformed into an animal, often a wolf. The syndrome is diagnosed by either a lucid patient indicating that he or she has at one time transformed into an animal, or by observing…

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