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Lesbian Film Jack & Diane Available Now

The lesbian werewolf film Jack & Diane was years in the making. Seriously, this film took forever to come out – forever. It’s here now (actually, it’s been here for a few months) and is available to buy on DVD or Blu-ray. But what I just noticed today is that it’s also on Netflix now…

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Jack and Diane Release Date Announced

Jack and Diane is a werewolf film that has been in the making for many years now, many years. We first caught wind of the movie back in 2007, and after many ups and downs, many actresses cast and then booted, Jack and Diane is finally on its way. Not only did they finally cast…

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Riley Keough Added to Jack and Diane Cast

The cast of Jack & Diane is an ever-changing constantly shifting series of nonsense; the movie has yet to even start filming. At this point, I can’t say I blame anyone for walking off the film. Whatever the director and producers are doing, it sure as hell isn’t making a movie. I’ve said this at…

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Jack and Diane: More Casting Bullshit is Killing the Movie

I have one question for the production staff of Jack & Diane: when the hell are you going to get off your asses and stop dicking around? Jack & Diane was supposed to be this controversial lesbian werewolf movie, full of blood and gore and young lesbian love. But after just a few months, Ellen…

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