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Werewolf Bites Must Hurt Like Hell

Well, there’s one cool thing about there werewolves in The Vampire Diaries; despite there being so few of them, they’re pretty amazing: werewolf bites according to the Diaries’ mythos, are toxic to vampires. If you watch the show for the werewolves, then score one for the home team! In the last episode, Rose, a vampire…

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The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Tease Fans

That’s right, they’re a bunch of plot teases! They know how badly fans want to know what’s coming on The Vampire Diaries, yet instead of giving us any juicy details they just give lame hints. Booo! However, what little they give away in interviews makes us SO much more excited for the upcoming episodes. So…

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New Werewolf Coming to The Vampire Diaries

That’s right Vampire Diaries fans, a new werewolf is coming to Mystic Falls! Woo! Michaela McManus is the new actress set to join the cast of one of our favorite supernatural shows. Spoilers ahead! Reports are saying that the actress will play Jules, a friend of Mason Lockwood, in a few episodes of The Vampire…

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