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Watch Jacob Grow Up in Breaking Dawn

I know I know, there are very few Twilight fans on this site (that’s why I heart you so much), but since The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming to theaters this Friday (November 18) I have to at least mention it. Taylor Lautner has been doing interviews nonstop for the promotion of…

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Why Are Werewolves So Angry?

That has been a question on my mind for quite some time now – why are werewolves so angry? Most werewolves in movies, books and TV shows have a ridiculously short fuse and go from sweet and nice to pissed and growling in two seconds. And not only are they angry all the time, but…

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Taylor Kinney vs. Taylor Lautner

Countless celebrity websites are asking their readers who they would choose – Taylor Kinney or Taylor Lautner – because “OMG!1!1 they are both named Taylor and they both play popular werewolves.” I decided to join in on the battle between the famous werewolves just for the hell of it. So dear readers, who would you…

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A Perfectly Planned Date with Jacob

Maybe this is the 12 year-old girl in me coming out – or I’m just hopping on the Twilight bandwagon – but either way, who hasn’t thought about heading out on a date with Jacob (aka Taylor Lautner)? OK for you dudes out there, how about a man date? Here are some ideas for what…

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