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New Werewolf Game for Mac and iPhone

As if Mac users could actually play games! Okay, low blow, sorry, –but it’s just that I firmly believe Steve Jobs is the¬†Antichrist. Now there’s a werewolf game out there for Mac people too, which makes the list of games Macs can handle like… what, 10 now? Okay, okay, I’m done making fun. The game…

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Werewolf – Curse of Pandora: Board Game for the iPad!

Werewolf has been around forever; whether you’re playing the party game twist, with live-action role playing, and running around in the dark, or the creepy Internet version, –you know, the one that inspired the horrible movie ‘Cry Wolf’. There are also various board and card games out there; the latest actually, is ‘Werewolf – Curse…

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