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What Are People Saying About Dylan Dog?

The first reviews for new film Dylan Dog: Dead of Night are starting to pop up… it’s not exactly a werewolf movie, but werewolves are in it, at least one anyway, and he’s pretty badass: pro-wrestler Kurt Angle will be doing the werewolf in the film. Unfortunately, although Angle’s werewolf is definitely one monster you…

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5 celebrities that should be werewolves

In this day and age, there’s constant news of what director is turning x-popular horror book series into a movie, whether or not someone is on team Edward (vampire) or team Jacob (werewolf), and what next big-name star signed-on for x-horror flick. That’s all fine and great but let’s gets back to basics, people. Let’s…

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How To Kill A Werewolf

Werewolves or lycanthropes are mythical man-beast hybrid creatures that exist in the legends of many different cultures throughout the world. The transformation has been said to occur for many different reasons and in many different ways, but the most common form of the myth in horror stories today is the man who changes into a…

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