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POLL: Wolf Transformation or Hybrid Transformation?

It’s time to let your voices be heard werewolf fans! Time to debate, discuss and decide (points to me for amazing alliteration)! There is one topic always brought up on this site, one debate I have been hearing for years and years, something that is argued over and over again. And that would be transformation!…

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Who Do You Think Is The Ultimate Sexy Beast? Vote Now!

Entertainment Weekly has a kickass competition going on for the sexiest beast! This battle of the hotties features all sorts of creatures from our favorite shows and movies such as Twilight, True Blood, X-men, Buffy, Doctor Who and more. If you want the werewolves to beat out the vampires and aliens then go vote! EW’s…

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And Let’s Not Forget Remus Lupin

With Twilight-mania going on right now, everyone has gotten so wrapped up in the werewolves of La Push. But surely there have got to be other werewolves in literature, and there are. My first experience in reading about werewolves was in fact in Harry Potter, where we were introduced to Remus Lupin, Harry Potter’s teacher…

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Werewolves in Literature

The idea of the mythological, or mystical has always been a source of inspiration for literature. The reader is automatically drawn to something outside of their individual reality – we are attracted to the strange the obscene, the horrifying and the unknown. Throughout history legends have fed off of our fears – the subjects of…

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