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Werewolf Movie Trivia: Part 4

It has been a long, long while since we had a post on werewolf movie trivia, so I am bringing the howl-worthy fun back! I am a total trivia geek, I love filling my brain with useless information, and what’s better than werewolf movie trivia? Check out the random bit of furry goodness below! In…

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Werewolf Movie Trivia: Part 2

Yup, I’m finally bringing it back! Werewolf movie trivia! Woo! So prepare yourselves Dear Readers for even more totally useless facts about your beloved werewolf films. On Jimmy Kimmel’s “Total Eclipse of the heart” special Robert Pattinson revealed that the censors required that the wolves in the Twilight flicks have no genitalia whenever they appear…

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The Many Looks of Werewolves

If you were to have a werewolf movie marathon you would obviously notice that each flick has it’s own werewolf look. Some of them look more human-like while other look more beastly, but each is unique. Here are a few different werewolf appearances. Make sure to check out the photo gallery at the bottom. Underworld:…

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