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Enkidu: Original Werewolf or Historical Wild Man?

The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest historical works of literature, is an epic about a king and his beast-man companion, Enkidu. Although various sections of the work exist, the most complete version of the story was found in the library of a 7th Century BC Mesopotamian King named Ahurbanipal. Written on 12 clay…

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Many have argued about what the very first werewolf story is – Gilgamesh or Niciros? I have written about Niciros in the past, so today dear readers, I’ll cover Gilgamesh and let you decide. The Epic of Gilgamesh comes from the second millennium BC and is one of the oldest known texts. It was originally…

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The First

Werewolves are ancient beings, they may not have always gone by that name but they have for sure been around for a long while. But what was the first fictional story of man turning into beast?  That would be the tale of Niciros. Now, many scholars argue that Gilgamesh is the first werewolf story, but…

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