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The Deadly Anspach Werewolf

Today, Dear Readers, we are traveling back in time. We are going hundreds of years into the past, back when the belief in werewolves was very real. A time when villagers hid in their homes, fearing that a ferocious and horrific werewolf would rip them to shreds. Today I am telling the tale of the…

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The Annoying Böxenwolf

Werewolf folklore time! Woooo! So, in Germany in the region between the Diester River and the Weser River they tell a tale about the odd böxenwolf, a werewolf that’s more of a pain in the ass than a deadly fearful monster. The böxenwolf liked to spend its nights preying upon weary travelers, but he didn’t…

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The Harz Mountain Werewolf

Today dear readers, I bring you yet another old werewolf folktale. Like most werewolf legends, this one contains grisly deaths, gore and an unhappy ending. Once upon a time, Count van Breber and his beloved countess Hilda were vacationing in the Harz Mountains in Germany. One evening they stopped at an inn, and, while chatting…

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The Tale of Werewolf Rock

According to local legends, outside of the village of Eggerstedt, Germany lived a mysterious figure known simply as “the Old Man.” This man would appear from the Brandsleber Forest and offer to perform tasks for the villagers, such as watching over their flocks of sheep. One day the Old Man herded sheep for a shepherd…

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As The Flame Blows Out

Hey there readers, it’s time again for another real werewolf tale. If you are a long time reader then you know the deal, if you’re new here then let me explain real quick. There have been countless cases of lycanthropy reported all throughout history; some of these stories are super old, while others surprisingly recent….

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