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Being Human’s Werewolf Quits!

I hate to say it guys, but the future of BBC’s Being Human isn’t looking so hot. One of its main stars, Russell Tovey, is quitting the show. Russell recently confirmed that he will no longer play the role of werewolf George Sands. Sad sad news. Russell Tovey has already filmed season four of Being…

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Being Human- Series One

Meet George and Mitchell, two ordinary guys working as porters in a hospital in Bristol who share a house together. Well, maybe George and Mitchell aren’t exactly ordinary guys considering that George is a werewolf and Mitchell is a vampire. Oh, and the house they rent together? It just happens to be haunted by a…

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Russell Tovey Interview: Being Human

Russle Tovey plays the self-loathing werewolf George on the hit BBC show Being Human. The show features more than our new favorite werewolf, but also a ghost and a vampire. All three of these supernatural beings live (or unlive) together, trying desperately to to fit in with the world, but being human is easier said…

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