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Red Riding Hood: Finally, A Good Review

I was holding off on watching this movie, for god, like, ages. Everyone was constantly going on and on about how crappy it was. Well. They suck. That’s right, fellow movie reviewing bloggers, you suck. First off, maybe it has to do with my weird underdog thing; I wanted Agent Starling to be with Hannibal…

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Werewolf Books, Little Red Riding Hood, Tyler Lockwood in this Week’s Werewolf Bites!

There’s a ton of werewolf news out there, and we’ve gathered up some of the best snippets, and posted them here for you to feat upon. So gather your pack and sink your teeth into these lovely little morsels. Tyler Lockwood is confused; who does he side with: his own kind, the werewolves, or the…

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Red Riding Hood Trailer Released

We finally have a trailer for Amanda Seyfried’s upcoming film Red Riding Hood. The film is directed Catherine Hardwicke and is very loosely based on the famous fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Ireland, Jennifer Davisson Killoran, Alex Mace and Julie Yorn produced the film for Warner Bros, so you know it’s…

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Girl with the Red Riding Hood Cast is Getting Better and Better!

As new details pop up surrounding the Gothic re-imagining of the classic fairy tale, rife with repressed sexuality, Little Red Riding Hood, the cast members recruited for the film are just getting greater. Sure there are a few mediocre actors tossed in there, –such as Max Irons, who were recently added to the cast, but…

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