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Were-Creatures Around the World

Stories of men transforming into beasts is nothing new, it’s a belief that has been around for ages, a belief that is not exclusive to werewolves alone. There are legends of were-creatures all around the globe and of course, not all of these tales feature men turning into wolves. Today I’m switching things up a…

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Tomatoes Can Summon Werewolves, Give Psychic Powers, and the Ability to Fly

This has to be bullshit, is what I was thinking, seriously, when I saw this. But according to Wikipedia, where I checked my facts, it’s true. The scientific name for the tomato species of plant, is “lycopersicum” which means ‘wolf peach’. Naturally, this is where semantics come in, –the devil is in the details, you…

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The False Wolf

Time again for another old wolf folktale, but today’s is a little different from past stories. This old tale is one of greed and deception, showing us just how afraid people were of wolves back in the day. Once upon a time there was a wicked little thief that rented a room at an inn…

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Werewolves Around the World

Werewolves have been a part of the folklore of many different cultures since ancient times. Images of European werewolves in dark forests usually come to mind when the beasts are mentioned. However, stories of lycanthropes and shape changers have permeated the mythos of cultures as diverse and aged as Ancient Greece to Native American folklore….

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