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The Many Ways To Become A Werewolf

I bet many of you are wondering how someone is turned into a werewolf. We all know the most popular way which involves being bitten by another werewolf. But if you take a look at folklore, old customs and traditions throughout the world you’ll learn that there are several ways someone was believed to turn…

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Black Shuck

If you ever happen to find yourself alone traveling the English countryside be wary of any strange black dogs that might cross your path for such a creature might just be none other than the hell hound, Black Shuck. Said to be an enormous black dog, sometimes as big as a horse, Black Shuck is…

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Bishop Olaus Magnus

Bishop Olaf Magnussen, who signed his treatise “History of the Goths, Swedes, and Vandals” (published in 1555) with his Latinized name Olaus Magnus, stated that the people living in Prussia, Lithuania, and Livonia often lost their livestock to bands of hungry wolves. But, their losses caused by natural wolves were nothing compared to what the…

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