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New Werewolf Movie! Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Now, this is funny, because almost all the actors in the movie have ties to other werewolf projects, in film and television. Like, take Brandon Routh , –who will be playing Dylan Dog himself, –his old lady, Courtney Ford, will be featured in the next season of True Blood. And maybe you’ll recognize the name…

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Black Shuck

If you ever happen to find yourself alone traveling the English countryside be wary of any strange black dogs that might cross your path for such a creature might just be none other than the hell hound, Black Shuck. Said to be an enormous black dog, sometimes as big as a horse, Black Shuck is…

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Werewolves In Films

Mankind has been fascinated with werewolves for many centuries. A werewolf, which is also called as wolf man, is a person who changes into a wolf, typically when there is a full moon and returns to human form by day. In most folk tales, the werewolf was characterized as a demon, a part of Satan’s…

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