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Upcoming Horror Thriller – ‘Clinical Lycanthropy’ by Tim Garrity

Over the past few years werewolves have been getting soft – instead of ripping innocents limb from limb they’re getting all cute and cuddly with love-struck teens, instead of prowling the nights for prey, they’re prowling the nights for a little romance – it’s sad. But luckily, we’ve got a new werewolf book that’s bringing…

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Real Cases of Lycanthropy: Jean Grenier

Case studies of lycanthropy are not as steeped in folklore and mythology as they were in the 18th, 19th, and even in the early 20th centuries. Today, we have the science and technology, as well as the psychological skills to understand that lycanthropy is not only a highly entertaining theme in films, but also a…

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Clinical Lycanthropy on FOX’s ‘Mental’

Mental, a show on FOX, outlines the various cases presented to the Director of Mental Health at Wharton Memorial Hospital; Dr. Jack Gallagher, a British man living in America, is both brilliant and conflicted. He delivers therapy to his patients with unorthodox methods, which pits him against the other doctors in the hospital. One of…

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Dr. Stephen Kaplan’s Quest For Real Werewolves

It’s not odd for us to wonder if werewolves are real or not, it’s crossed the mind of many. But Dr. Stephen Kaplan took it way beyond simple thought, he conducted worldwide research in attempt to discover real werewolves (and vampires). The late Dr. Kaplan (d. 1995) and his wife spent years trying to discover…

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A Case of Lycanthropy

Now we have already covered clinical lycanthropy on this site in the excellent post here. But today I am going back to it, recounting an actual real case of clinical lycanthropy. This will give you a deeper look into this illness. The case I am talking about is one that was published in The American…

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