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Wolves of a Different Color: Ray vs. Lee Tully

I love the werewolves in both of the Being Human series; there are variations in the poignancy of each show, but I’m really split on who was the better bad guy: Lee Tully, or Ray? See, neither were villains exactly, but they did do some pretty villainous things, –and the purpose of this post was…

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SyFy’s Being Human Will Return for a Season 2!

I have to admit, I haven’t seen as much of the new show as I’d liked to have done. And I’ve only seen one episode of the new season of the original ‘Being Human’; which probably, officially, makes me a bad person. But there’s always so much other shit to do, I forget! Anyway, this…

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BBC3’s Being Human Adds Two New Werewolves to the Cast

That’s right, even more news for the original BBC series, Being Human, as it premiers with its third season on January 23rd. No word yet on whether or not the new werewolves will show up in the first episode of the third season (or series as its called over there), but it’s clear from the…

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