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Would You Willingly Become a Ferocious Werewolf?

If given the chance, would you become a werewolf? Now, before you rush to the comment section and write “YES!” over and over, there are some terms. You don’t get to choose which type of werewolf you get to be in this game – I do. Bwahaha! Almost every single day I read comments by…

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I’m Cracking Down on You Naughty Wolves

After reading that title above you may be wondering what I’m talking about – well, it’s simple, I’m cracking down on all of the troublemakers that visit this site and leave terrible comments. You see, I read every single comment you guys write here, and usually I love them because I love hearing from my…

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Werewolfism or Puberty?

Here at Werewolves.com we have a lot of young teens and pre-teens thinking that they are turning into a werewolf. They leave comments saying that they are having mood swings, their appetite is changing and they’re craving red meat, that their body has suddenly started to ache, that they’re getting hairier and so on. After…

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Black Magic and Corpse Breeches

I’ve got quite the treat for you dear readers, an old tale of black magic and wolves. The story hales from Iceland, where items known as “corpse breeches” could help a warlock change his shape into that of a wolf. Corpse breeches (also known as nabrock trousers) were said to be used by ancient Icelandic…

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If I Were a Werewolf…

Over at Vampires.com I recently wrote a post titled “If I Were a Vampire…” where I talked about the type of vampire I would be in my own personal dream world. That post triggered this one, but this time I am asking myself what type of werewolf I would be. Like before, a few big…

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Please Turn Me Into A Werewolf!

“Please turn me into a werewolf!” This is something I read quite often in the comments left on the site. Now, before I continue I want to make it perfectly clear that this is by no means an insult to those that wish to become werewolves. I can understand your reasons for wishing it, so…

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Were They Bitten? Or is it Ergot Poisoning?

One of the most fun things about looking into the world of all things wolf is finding out all the different theories of why people are turned into werewolves. The most generally believed thought is that a human is bitten by a werewolf and voila! They become one themselves. But, back in France during the…

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