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The CW’s Violent Take on Beauty and the Beast Sure to Thrill Werewolf Fans

Coming October 11, 2012 is The CW’s new show Beauty and the Beast… which doesn’t actually have any werewolves. I know I know! But before you curse me and click the X in the corner of your screen, hear me out. After doing some digging into the upcoming show, I think it’s one that werewolf…

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A Decade’s Worth of Werewolf Movies: 1960s

Looking back on each decade of werewolf movies shows that werewolves are eternal, we’ll never stop loving them and never stop watching them. Today I continue this series with the werewolf movies of the 1960s. La casa del terror: English title “House of Terror.” About an insane professor who is secretly draining blood from wax…

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Who Do You Think Is The Ultimate Sexy Beast? Vote Now!

Entertainment Weekly has a kickass competition going on for the sexiest beast! This battle of the hotties features all sorts of creatures from our favorite shows and movies such as Twilight, True Blood, X-men, Buffy, Doctor Who and more. If you want the werewolves to beat out the vampires and aliens then go vote! EW’s…

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