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Bad Werewolf Movies: Netflix Edition

Since we had some much fun discussing some of the worst werewolf movies out there, I thought we’d do it again! But this time we are focusing on the worst werewolf flicks found on Netflix. There are a shit ton of crappy movies on Netflix and I’d say the vast majority of them can be…

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Werewolf Movies to Avoid: Werewolf (1996)

This is a tricky one. A lot of people see the box, and say “wow, nice cover art!” and then they turn it over, and find out the film was released in 1996. And those are only the first of many mistakes that will lead those poor bastards to the inevitable point at which they…

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So Bad it’s Good: Attack of the Indian Werewolf

Horror spoofs rarely do anything for me, but if you’re into the “so bad, so horribly bad, it’s good” genre of horror movies, then you’ll be all over the ‘Attack of the Indian Werewolf’ film. The film is set, produced, and filmed, in South Africa, and the whole premise of the film, while laughable, leaves…

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