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Werewolves: The Up And Coming Explosion?

Since the premier of Twilight in 2008 there has been an explosion of vampire mania. It would appear that people are taking a real interest in vampires and this is not the first time this has happened. Though it did not cause as big an uproar, Anne Rice did cause a new wave of vampire…

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Alice Borchardt: Legends of the Wolves

The legendary Anne Rice isn’t the only one in her family to succeed in the publishing world, her sister, Alice Borchardt, has a handful of excellent books as well. But while Anne choose vampires, Alice went with the werewolves and penned the Legends of the Wolves series. Don’t let the family ties fool you though,…

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10 Werewolf Romance Series You Need to Read

There’s more out there than just Twilight, and Laurell K. Hamilton regurgitae-maximae. the popular writers get a lot of coverage, but with so many werewolf romance stories out there, sometimes it’s just easier to grab what everyone else is reading, instead of choosing something that no one has told you anything about, and that you…

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