SyFy’s Being Human Will Return for a Season 2!

I have to admit, I haven’t seen as much of the new show as I’d liked to have done. And I’ve only seen one episode of the new season of the original ‘Being Human’; which probably, officially, makes me a bad person. But there’s always so much other shit to do, I forget! Anyway, this is good news to me, because now I know I can catch up with the show later, and never feel the crushing loneliness and grief that comes along, when you realize “there never will be more of this”… Like in, say Carnivale… or The Gates. The Gates had werewolves… sigh. Alas! We love all the best shows! But that’s okay, because at least we get to see the return of Being Human, and in the meantime, there’s plenty more werewolves likely to pop up in Vampire Diaries, and True Blood.

Complex’s ‘Pop Culture‘ section gives us the update that had us bouncing around like virgins at a prison rodeo today. Which is a way of saying, we’re so thrilled we can’t sit still:

More good television newsSyFy has decided to renew Being Human for a second season, to the delight of millions of genre fans everywhere.

The rookie show — an adaptation of a British series of the same name about a werewolf, vampire and ghost — has averaged around 2 million viewers since debuting in January, making it the “most-watched scripted series winter premiere since Battlestar Galactica.” The show also skews more female (it’s the vampires and werewolves), meaning Being Human gives SyFy something that they don’t normally get: women!

Being Human airs Mondays at 9.

Admittedly, the werewolves of Being Human are so much more fierce; they really encompass the full meaning of ‘the curse’ without making it look like a quick, easy little shapeshift maneuver, unlike the shows previously mentioned. Being Human takes its werewolves seriously. Which is why, if we lost it, I don’t think that VD or TB could immediately make up for the grief factor; their  werewolves aren’t as scary, and besides, the shows are about vampires mostly. Thank you SyFy, we love Being Human, to death!


  1. Boom! The Being Human US i think is a bit better story now that they worked out the kinks in the UK one. The Werewolves in both has such good stories and the characters are great. I watch both every week! Thanks for keepin folks updated!

  2. I missed the Gates, I’d wanted to see it.

    But yeah, I’ve been enjoying very much so watching Syfy’s Being Human, I haven’t stayed caught up with the UK version as I’d like.

    But I’ve really liked the Syfy handling of the script and show. You want to see more of each character and their stories. Not just one or the other though do I feel that Sally’s interactions with Danny haven’t worked out quite the best and I’d still like to see that manipulative creep get it.

  3. Yeah the one thing that i did really like about the Being Human from the beginning, was how they went into each character as individuals and what they were, i.e. werewolf, vampire or ghost. Telling great back stories and introducing the viewers to a different super natural aspect. While most movies/shows/series focus on one. I like it, similar to the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novels, how they tell the similar story from original Being Human Uk, but now the US can change it to be more in depth or entertaining. Really both!

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