SyFy’s Being Human is Back and Better Than Ever!

SyFy’s Being Human returned for its second season this week, and after all the amazing reviews on the season opener, it’s pretty clear it’s off to a damn good start. The show is no longer an identical match to its UK counterpart, SyFy said that they were making the US Being Human its own show, and they definitely did not lie. Season 2 is the start of a new Being Human!

WARNING: There are spoilers below!

At the end of Season 1, Aidan had killed vampire boss Bishop after his failed rebellion against the Dutch, Nora witnessed her boyfriend Josh transform into a werewolf and was scratched in the process, and ghost Sally missed her door to the afterlife. Season 2 picks up one month later with Aidan trying to deal with the drama triggered by Bishop’s death, Sally contemplating her place in the world and Nora hiding her scratch from Josh as the full moon approaches.

The first episode of the second season, titled Turn This Mother Out, definitely had lots of high points, however, it wasn’t perfect. Here’s what I loved about the first episode, and what I wasn’t too keen on.

What I Loved:

  • Nora trying to talk so Sally even though she can’t see her is cute, totally awkward at times, but still cute.
  • Sally’s high school reunion was fantastic. It was both hilarious and touching. It also really added to Sally’s story, I wasn’t sure what they were going to do with her this season, but it looks like she has a purpose.  Interested to see what happens with the shadow.
  • Aidan’s possible freedom!
  • This mysterious vampire daughter has me intrigued.
  • Josh and Nora. AWWWWWW!

What I Didn’t Love:

  • The whiny young vampires pissing and moaning to Aidan. Apparently, none of them know how to take care of themselves without Bishop and it’s up to Aidan to fix it. I really do not like these irritating young vamps.
  • The vampire “mother” wasn’t all that impressive. I was excepting someone more dramatic and intimidating. She was just blah, like the mom next door.
  • Josh and Nora at the end. I went from “Awwww” to “NOoOOoooOoooooooo!”

Overall this was a great episode and I expect future episodes will be even better. Although, I don’t think there will be anymore “Awww” moments with Josh and Nora. Sad!

Did you watch the first episode of Season 2? What did you think?

– Moonlight

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  1. Season One shadowing and echoing BBC’s original arc was good. It better developed some stories that BBC rushed through.

    As for Season Two, I do like this start better as they move away from BBC to make it their own. It is definitely has far more sense that someone else is put in charge of Boston then Aidan. If I may equate the political structure of vampires in Being Human to White Wolf’s Old World of Darkness system… it shows a more global system of control by vampires instead of city by city.

    “Mother” was okay, she may need more time to fully flesh out and develop. Especially if they have plans to show and do more with her to set up her character.

    And no, I did not like the whiny young vampires crying to Aidan either because they were lost without Bishop. Unless Bishop was cultivating a bunch of dependant vampires, these guys should have been able to take care of themselves and have systems in play already on how to cope and deal. And if Bishop had more competent vampires in his brood, there could have been more show of a struggle in the power vacuum of who’s taking charge of Boston to prove to Mother who can properly lead it.

  2. OMG I am seriously losing my mind about this episode!!! The cliffhanger was cruel but its got me absolutely hooked.

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