Surprise for Vampire Diaries Fans in Teen Wolf

Jeff Davis, the creator of MTV’s Teen Wolf, had revealed a short while back that there would be a little surprise for fans of The Vampire Diaries show on the second episode of the new series. However, the second episode just aired and no one has said anything about the hidden Easter egg. Hmmm…

Apparently, the cast and crews of both Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries were filming in the Atlanta area at the same time this past winter. Since Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis knows Kevin Williamson, the producer of Vampire Diaries, they decided to band together to create a mini collaboration as a treat for fans.

”I’m actually friends with Kevin Williamson who does The Vampire Diaries,” Jeff revealed in an interview, “and for people who know that show quite well, they’ll see a little Easter egg at the end of episode two of Teen Wolf. You’ll have to look closely, though.”

If you want to find the egg on your own then DO NOT read below!

I reviewed the first episode of Teen Wolf here, but I have yet to see the second episode. Being the curious and impatient lady I am I did some internet searching to see if any site had posted the VD/TW egg and… there was a surprising lack of info on it, I guess it was more hidden than Jeff Davis lead us to believe. However, I did eventually come across someone that had discovered the egg! The Vampire Diaries egg was hidden on the jerseys of the opposing team during a lacrosse match. The opposing team jerseys say “MFH,” which stands for “Mystic Falls High.” So the Teen Wolf team was playing against the Vampire Diaries team. Nice. And no, the shows won’t be mixing storylines or anything like that, this was just a fun little treat for fans, nothing more.

Did any of you notice the egg? Or did you not know it even existed?

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  1. As uneven, cliched and flawed as Teen Wolf is…it’s still more watchable than the Vampire Diaries.

  2. Teen Wolf isn’t bad. And i have to disagree with a comment. The Vampire Diaries is VERY watchable. It’s more than just vampires. it’s got werewolves and witches too. and it’s not flawed and cliched at all.

  3. Both TVD and TW are completely watchable and neither are flawed. They both have great writing and good acting. The story lines keep us interested and guessing all the way through. This is a neat little Easter egg. But now because of it not only do I want a cross between SN and TVD but now I want a cross between TVD and TW XD

  4. True story – when I was in 7th grade I bought and read the original Vampire Diaries triology. At the time I thought it was one of the better teen horror / thriller / mystery book on the shelves… do I remember a 4th book? I read all of the stuff by the Carolyn B. Cooney, R. L. Stein, Christopher Pike, etc… authors, and Vamp Diaries was always one of my faves. Glad to see it turned into a TV series… 21 years later!

  5. Both vampire diaries and teen wolf are good…
    Though I only saw a few of teen wolf, I noticed a lot of similarities..
    Lke having to be invited in, hearing,speed, the full moon thing. Pretty cool though.

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