Superstitions of the Wolf

A hunter. A man in disguise. The devil. A being of evil. A creature to be revered. There are many beliefs surrounding the wolf. Some believed a man could transform into a wolf – a werewolf. But others thought a wolf was the form the devil took on earth. There are quite a few age-old superstitions surrounding the wolf and you can find a couple of them below.

  • devil wolfThe wolf was said to be the favorite disguise of the devil.
  • There was a time when people thought the sight of a wolf could render a man dumb. But only if the wolf saw the man first.  If you saw it first then you were in the clear.
  • Some also said that just saying the word “wolf” could cause an encounter with one.
  • According to Welsh superstition, the wolf was not created by God, but by the Devil and it has retained its ties to evil ever since.
  • There was a time when people thought wolves feared crabs and shrimp.
  • An old medical superstition claims that wrapping sufferers of epilepsy in a wolf skin would protect them from seizures. It was also said that wrapping someone in wolf hide would cure them of rabies.
  • In some parts of Europe it was believed that wolf skins kept flies out the house.
  • According to French superstition, rubbing wolf teeth on the gums of a child will alleviate tooth pain. They also thought that wearing a wolf tooth around your neck protected you from evil.
  • It was once said that hanging a wolf’s tail over a barn door will keep wolves away.
  • Eating wolf’s meat would prevent a person from seeing ghosts.
  • Sleeping with a wolf’s head under the pillow will ward off nightmares.
  • Rubbing wolf poo on a baby’s body would cure colic.

And those are a few wolf superstitions. And yes, people actually believed those things once.


What do you think?

– Moonlight

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  1. I am a Wolf lover,they are the best ones for me.Please,everyone out there please,please STOP the killing of wolves in the USA & elswhere.I am not the only one who loves them,many others do.

  2. Yep – fear can lead people to do crazy things. Even develop the myth of werewolves (note: not werecat or were-whatever….wereWOLF) for numerous reasons (explain unusual deaths, serial killers, etc).

    It’s sad because, being a conservationist, I have an absolute love for wolves. If I could open my own wolf sanctuary, I would.

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