Strippers vs. Werewolves: Cast Updates!

We don’t have a whole to do here other than obsess about werewolves, and god forbid you should happen to like boobs and werewolves, because chances are, you’re never going to get a chance to write about these things together. Unles you like… really gross stuff to do with werewolves… I’ve written about werewolves and sex probably four times, in the two years or so I’ve been writing for this site. That’s not a lot, so you can imagine me, jumping for joy at the chance to cover things that involve naked chicks and werewolves, all rolled into one low budget, cinematic event.

Last year in August, was when we first got wind of Strippers Vs. Werewolves, and yet, we were left dangling, waiting for more information on this film that sounds so awesome. Well, finally, the producer Jonathan Sothcott, chose some cast members and even a director. The director of 13 Hours, another low budget werewolf movie, Jonathan Glendening, is joining up with Sothcott to get the film rolling. And they also have the leading lady, Barbara Nedeljakova, joining as well. Thank goodness, I was worried that the film would go on to be another pipe dream, like Jack and Diane, for example.

This is what we’ve heard so far from Dread Central:

“We’ve been busy readying our kick-ass style comedy horror Strippers vsx Werewolves at Black and Blue Towers over Christmas,” says Sothcott. “One of the key steps forward was securing the right director, someone film literate enough to make the material work yet with a pedigree that distributors bought into. Step forward Jonathan Glendening, who directed last year’s uber-slick straight werewolf film 13 Hours. I saw that film at Frightfest because Gemma Atkinson, one of the stars, is a pal, and I was really impressed – it was a truly excellent example of low budget filmmaking, so I immediately set about meeting the director and DOP. Thankfully Jonathan liked us and what we’ve been up to, and he’s now on board, which I’m really excited about – he’s a real talent.”

Well, at least they’re enthusiastic; that alone is half the fight. And we’ll definitely be seeing this one sooner or later, to let you know what we think and if it’s a worthwhile purchase.

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