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“Suzie, Do You Copy?” “The Mall Rats” “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard” “The Sauna Test” “The Source” “The Birthday” “The Bite” “The Battle of Starcourt”

These are the titles of the individual episodes of STRANGER THINGS comprising the much-anticipated (that’s an understatement) third season of the hit (that’s another understatement) series, due out sometime next year. What can we infer from these titles? It would seem that a lot of the action is going to be centered around the local swimming pool and the mall. (“Starcourt” is the name of the mall in Hawkins, Indiana, you will recall, where our young hero Steve will be working, serving up scoops of ice cream.) The season finale, in fact, appears to be taking place at the mall, ala George Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD. And as the season is taking place in the summer months of 1985, the focus on the swimming pool makes sense.

Something else that is glaringly obvious from perusing those episode titles is the fact that there will only be EIGHT episodes in the forthcoming season. That blows. Your standard network television series gets 22 to 24 episodes per crappy season. STRANGER THINGS fans get eight. That’s just not fair.

The Evil Cheezman • December 16, 2018

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