No, I haven’t been able to catch STRANGER THINGS yet, so keep your spoilers to yourselves. I’ve already heard chatter on social media about some sort of swerve that occurs about halfway through the new season. This is the problem with series that become available all at once. There’s always going to be somebody who watches it before you do, and the risk of spoilers is constant.

Anyway, I can’t comment on the new season. Instead, here’s a preview of a parody SESAME STREET did of the show. They warn us, however, that this parody may contain spoilers. So I won’t be watching IT, either.

There’s also some bitching going on about how certain websites are saying that Millie Bobby Brown looks all “grown up.” I don’t know about being “grown up,” but she DOES look older, a heckuva lot older than she does on the show and a heckuva lot older than she is in real life. (She’s 13.) The concerns over the sexualization of a child are valid, but I hardly think it counts as exploitation to simply comment on the fact that she looks different than we’re all used to, more like an adult. As to whether or not it’s appropriate for her to look like that, that’s another matter entirely. And if the talk turns creepy–I recall seeing some really pervy stuff about an underage Selena Gomez, a few years back–that’s another matter, too.

By The Evil Cheezman

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