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Remember a few months ago when I posted a piece on the anachronism of having VCRs and VHS tapes in wide use in STRANGER THINGS? Sure you do. Well, paleontologist Christian Kammerer, a curator at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, found another one. There is a reference in the show (SPOILER WARNING! But just a little one. I haven’t seen the show yet, either.) to a kind of frog called an INDIRANA SEMIPALMATA, which wasn’t officially named until 1986. The setting of the show is 1984. Whoopsies. Add this one to earlier goofs such as the Demogorgon figure from the D&D game in the first season, which was set in 1983, not having been released until a year later; and the car Barb drives wasn’t on the market until 1988.

Also, Sesame Street has released that parody video we’ve talked about before. I haven’t watched it, as it comes with a spoiler warning. It could be a minor spoiler warning. I don’t know. But just reading about it, it features Cookie Monster spliced with the Demogorgon into a Muppet called the “Cookiegorgon.” (Why not the “Democookie?”) Since the Demogorgon was in the first season, does the “spoiler warning” imply that the Demogorgon makes a return in the new season? Those of you who’ve seen it, keep your yaps shut!

Now I’m waiting for Funko to release a Cookiegorgon figure. Yeah, I’d buy it.

The Evil Cheezman • December 5, 2017

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