STRANGER THINGS’ Demogorgon In Real Life

No, I STILL haven’t seen the second season, dammit, so I’m reduced to reporting on things with a secondary or even a tangential connection to the series. Like whether or not star Millie Bobby Brown looks too grown up in publicity photos, and whether or not it makes one a pedophile to comment on this fact. (She does and it doesn’t, respectively.) Here is an article showing what the cast looks like in real life. They don’t look much different than they do on the show, except for Ms. Brown, who, as mentioned, looks too much like an adult when she puts on the heavy make-up. (Not in the photographs attached to this article, she doesn’t. But elsewhere, yes.)

But wait, though. They show what the Demogorgon looks like in real life. You mean there was an actor portraying the Demogorgon? I would have thought the beast was completely CGI. Did they do a motion-capture thing with it? Was there sometimes a guy in a rubber suit portraying the creature? But is he an actor or a stuntman? Why would you need an ACTOR to do it? It isn’t like with, say, Boris Karloff and the Frankenstein Monster, where you can see the creature’s face and need a talented thespian to humanize it. The Demogorgon is nothing resembling human. It’s supposed to look otherworldly.

And yes, I realize the Demogorgon was LAST season’s big bad, but I keep telling you, I haven’t seen the news season yet! Besides, I dig on the Demogorgon.

I never would have suspected there was a real guy inside of it, though.

By The Evil Cheezman

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